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There are only 55,000 Blocs for sale in the UK and when they’re gone, they’re gone. (With 5+
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What Could Help Your Business Move Forward?


Is BlocSquared?

The quick & easy to use, cost effective marketing & advertising platform, for SMEs based in the UK. You will be part of an exclusive online community, and our expert team will provide your business with a steady stream of visitors.

You’ll own the Bloc for 12 months, while we do all the heavy lifting around paid campaigns and provide you with access to our ‘Business Hub’, ‘Stardust Webinars’ and our ‘Mini-Movie’ lucky draws!


Choose BlocSquared?

Your Business or Side Hustle can & will achieve more, with the right toolkit. Our plan is to remove the complexity of Google & Facebook Ads, and to do away with the low ROI of paid advertising that is crippling some SMEs across the UK.

You will also be provided with a host of other solutions to help take you and your Brand, to new levels of success and fulfilment!


Does it work?

Our simple ‘point and click’ registration process takes minutes to set up.

Once you purchase your Bloc(s), you can point your Bloc(s) to any destination on the web that you choose - it could be a landing page, a YouTube video, a Tweet, or something else, that you feel will benefit you the most, and you can change this at any time. Simplicity in motion!


Equal chance of your Bloc being seen on 1st page of results

Your Bloc is guaranteed visibility on the first 4 pages of a sector search and a location search

Your Bloc is guaranteed visibility on first 4 pages of a sector search (only 220 available!)

Your Bloc is guaranteed HOME PAGE visibility for 2 months, then becomes an Advance+ Bloc (only 55 available!)

Instant access to editing your Bloc(s)

Ability to instantly change where your Bloc links to

Unlimited access to the Business Education Hub

20 Minute ‘Webinar Chats’ with A-List entrepreneurs

Chance to win a ‘Mini Movie’ promotional video for your brand!



Great Value



Advance +





BlocSquared is a digital business network community, giving early stage ideas a space to call home, and entrepreneurs & business leaders a platform to promote products & services and find new collaborators.

'Bloc buyers', will own a Bloc on the BlocSquared platform and they can display or promote anything they want to, from a basic idea, all the way up to a fully functional, operating business.

So, if you’re a Company, a Business, a Brand, or a Side-Hustle and want to promote what you do, then BlocSquared is for you.

It’s easy! You choose which level of Bloc you want (i.e. Starting, Advance, Advance+. Ultimate) and add the destination URL that you’d like to point your Bloc to; this could be a private Facebook group, a landing page on a website, a vlog, an existing ecommerce store or anything else. Then give us three things your business does and a simple description of your business and that’s it – the Bloc is yours for 12 months!

You can either renew, or upgrade your Bloc, or you can choose to leave BlocSquared. There are no complicated contracts; like our Blocs we keep things simple.

£199 + VAT Starting = Your Bloc appears in searches and is rotated with others, so everyone with a Bloc on BlocSquared gets a chance to be at the top of the search results!
£249 + VAT Advance = Your Bloc is guaranteed to be on the first 4 pages of a sector search and a location search (e.g. ‘Food’ AND ‘Cardiff’).
£299 + VAT Advance+ = Your Bloc is guaranteed to be on the first 4 pages of a sector search (e.g. ‘Food’).
£599 + VAT Ultimate = Your Bloc stays on the home page for 2 months, before turning into a Advance+ Bloc. (ONLY 55 available!)

We guarantee to drive potential customers to the BlocSquared platform via our targeted marketing & advertising campaigns for the cost of a Bloc, which starts at a fixed 27p per day (versus an average cost of £2.00 per click on Google Ads, UK) where you get more than just the prospect of new customers; you are investing in a community full of people that may be able to serve and help you, and you have access to our exclusive Q&As with business gurus, access to our Education Hub and the potential for a 'Mini-Movie' about your business, created FREE OF CHARGE.

Meet The Founder...


Shimron Equiano

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Project Leader, Recruitment Specialist, Musician & Public Speaker

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