About us

We are BlocSquared

Spawned during the global pandemic. Developed on the back of months of research. Designed to support side-hustlers, entrepreneurs & business leaders who yearn for a simpler, cost-effective alternative to the current norm. We are redefining the way small businesses think about marketing & advertising.

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What & Why?

The cost of effective marketing & promotion is a major concern for many business owners, so too is the complexity around the functionality of incumbent advertising platforms. In addition, the time that is consumed managing advertising dashboards and the energy & resources it takes up, means many people running small enterprises and side-hustles are left frustrated and confused.

About the founder & CEO

Shimron Equiano is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of BlocSquared. His vision with BlocSquared is to create a ‘walled-garden’ web-based marketing platform that serves a finite amount of small business owners & side-hustlers, allowing them to promote their products & services in a unique setting, all whilst enabling them to:

Stress Less: about advertising costs.
Make Money: as a host or an affiliate.
Learn & Share: via education hub & stardust webinar

Meet the team

The Ideation of BlocSquared

Every business needs one thing in particular to survive: Customers.

Customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise, and without them, there isn't much of a business, there's no company, no team and no dream!

Attracting and retaining a new customer is a fundamental obligation for any CEO, Managing Director, Entrepreneur or Side-Hustler, and our research suggests that when too much time and money is spent on finding a customer, this negatively impacts the ability to serve the customer at the highest level.

BlocSquared aims to solve this familiar problem.


Helping Business

The goal is to help businesses, do more, be more and get more from their endeavours, all whilst delivering great results for their own customers.


In-Expensive Marketing

19 billion pounds was spent on online marketing in the UK alone in 2021, and we know that not every business got a great ROI for this, and not every business can afford to compete with some of their larger competitors on a level playing field.


Global Community

Through our BlocSquared community (‘the BlocNation), we aim to build a worldwide community of Bloc owners, Hosts and Affiliates, who will all play a major role in our quest to save 5000 children from sex trafficking, feed 5 million people across the globe and provide 55,000 years of clean water.

Global Impact

Everything at BlocSquared ties back to the 17 sustainable global goals, designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly.

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