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What’s BlocSquared?

When you join BlocSquared your business will own a UNIQUE Bloc that takes anyone who clicks on it
anywhere on the web so you can send visitors directly to where it will benefit your business the most.

This could be your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, product launch page, tweet, blog post – literally anything and anywhere!

1. Internet Traffic
2. BlocSquared
3. Your Bloc
4. Your Business

Visitors find your Bloc by entering what they’re interested in and their location on the
BlocSquared website and clicking on your Bloc. It’s that easy!

Here’s How BlocSquared Will Help Your Business

Buy a Bloc
We do the Advertising
Visitors search BlocSquared & click your Bloc!
Traffic to your business!
  • 1. Buy a Bloc

    Claim your business’s UNIQUE Bloc, colour-coded to you brand. Each Bloc includes your contact details and can link to anywhere on the internet.

  • 2. Let BlocSquared do the advertising FOR YOU

    Sit back and let us do the hard work. We will promote your sector on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • 3. Engaged buyers visit BlocSquared

    Our advertising attracts interested, engaged buyers to the page where your Bloc sits, so your Bloc gets a steady stream of visitors - all day, every day

  • 4. Funnel visitors straight to your business

    Our effective, targeted advertising gets visitors, prospects and customers right to where you want them to be. Whether that’s a page on your website, your Facebook page, Instagram profile, YouTube channel - wherever your business will benefit the most!

Buy Your Bloc

How BlocSquared Benefits Your Business

  • 1. BlocSquared is SIMPLE

    Unlike Google AdWords or Facebook you don’t need to employ a costly expert or spend hours transforming into an online marketing guru to make it pay. You just need to write ONE LINE that tells your customer what you do and THREE ACTIVITIES your business does – that’s it!

  • 2. BlocSquared is FLEXIBLE

    There’s no limit to how often you can change where your Bloc points to or what it says – you’re in control.

  • 3. BlocSquared is EFFECTIVE

    Because we’re doing the advertising for you (Pay-per-Click, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn posts, Search Engine Optimisation and more) you can enjoy more traffic, prospects and customers arriving at your business warmed-up and ready.

BONUS BlocSquared EXTRA Benefits

Just starting out, or maybe you have already spent decades in business? About to hire your first team member, or looking to sell equity in your enterprise? Whatever the situation, and wherever you are on your road to fulfilment, we have provided ‘bite sized’ help-guides to support you on your journey.

Every month, we invite a seasoned entrepreneur to ‘grab the mic’ and ‘spit game’ about what it took for them to become successful in their chosen field of expertise. As a member of the 'Blocnation' - (i.e. Bloc Owner, HOST or Affiliate) you get front row seats to every webinar - minus the popcorn! :)

Filmed. Edited. Produced. Promoted. Free of charge. For you. 'Mini Movie' is our way of giving something 'extra' back to anybody who has purchased a Bloc on BlocSquared. We choose Bloc owners for Mini Movies at random. Allow us to capture the essence of your product, service or idea, and present it to your ideal customer, at no extra cost.

For every single Bloc sold a % of the profit is automatically donated to the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals (or SDGs) as adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. This program, in association with B1G1, is our way of working with you, to help you grow your enterprise, all whilst making a difference to lives around the world. Let’s go!


Just like our Blocs, we like to keep the pricing plan very simple. £199 + VAT per year, is the nominal cost to get you started. The chart below gives you an indication as to what you should expect to get for your investment.

What You Get!

Instant access to editing your Bloc(s)

Ability to instantly change where your Bloc links to

Unlimited access to the Business Education Hub

20 Minute 'Webinar Chats' with A-List entrepreneurs

Chance to win a 'Mini Movie' promotional video for your brand!

Equal chance of your Bloc being seen on 1st page of results

Your Bloc is guaranteed visibility on the first 4 pages of a sector search and a location search

Your Bloc is guaranteed visibility on first 4 pages of a sector search (only 220 available!)

Your Bloc is guaranteed HOME PAGE visibility for 2 months, then becomes an Advance+ Bloc (only 55 available!)



Advance +


BlocSquared is a digital business network community, giving early stage ideas a space to call home, and entrepreneurs & business leaders a platform to promote products & services and find new collaborators.

'Bloc buyers', will own a Bloc on the BlocSquared platform and they can display or promote anything they want to, from a basic idea, all the way up to a fully functional, operating business.

So, if you're a Company, a Business, a Brand, or a Side-Hustle and want to promote what you do, then BlocSquared is for you.

It's easy! You choose which level of Bloc you want (i.e. Starting, Advance, Advance+. Ultimate) and add the destination URL that you'd like to point your Bloc to; this could be a private Facebook group, a landing page on a website, a vlog, an existing ecommerce store or anything else. Then give us three things your business does and a simple description of your business and that's it – the Bloc is yours for 12 months!

You can either renew, or upgrade your Bloc, or you can choose to leave BlocSquared. There are no complicated contracts; like our Blocs we keep things simple.

£199 + VAT (per year) Starting = Your Bloc appears in searches and is rotated with others, so everyone with a Bloc on BlocSquared gets a chance to be at the top of the search results!
£249 + VAT (per year) Advance = Your Bloc is guaranteed to be on the first 4 pages of a sector search and a location search (e.g. 'Food' AND 'Cardiff').
£299 + VAT (per year) Advance+ = Your Bloc is guaranteed to be on the first 4 pages of a sector search (e.g. 'Food').
£599 + VAT (per year) Ultimate = Your Bloc stays on the home page for 2 months, before turning into a Advance+ Bloc. (ONLY 55 available!)

We guarantee to drive potential customers to the BlocSquared platform via our targeted marketing & advertising campaigns for the cost of a Bloc, which starts at a fixed 27p per day (versus an average cost of £2.00 per click on Google Ads, UK) where you get more than just the prospect of new customers; you are investing in a community full of people that may be able to serve and help you, and you have access to our exclusive Q&As with business gurus, access to our Education Hub and the potential for a 'Mini-Movie' about your business, created FREE OF CHARGE.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Bloc and so, if you’re not happy then we’ll give you a full-refund within 14 days of purchase.

No questions, no quibble, no arguments.

How’s that for fair?

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