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Whether you are an accountant, a cafe owner, a personal trainer or even a fire breathing circus clown! BlocSquared will work for you. Simply choose from one of our 4 Bloc options, and away you go!

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£199.00 + VAT Per Year
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Region & Sector search automatic placement on page 1 to 4

£249.00 + VAT Per Year
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Sector search automatic placement on page 1 to 4

£299.00 + VAT Per Year
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Guaranteed homepage placement for 2 months!

£599.00 + VAT Per Year
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Blocs provide the opportunity to own ‘Digital Real Estate’ on BlocSquared, and a fantastic way to direct your prospective customers to a destination on the web that helps you to maximise your engagement with them. Buy a Starting, Advance, Advance + or an Ultimate Bloc today.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or side-hustler you can also become a host. As a host you become the proud owner of our unique ‘over sized Bloc’ and you also receive a unique code which can be used on your social media accounts. Hosts are introduced to BlocSquared by registered affiliates.

On occasion, there will be special offers and incentives, as well as commercial and corporate partnerships, designed to help us further expose BlocSquared to the types of businesses we wish to help and also to the types of customers we believe will benefit from exploring the platform. Stay tuned for updates on coupon releases throughout the year.

This is a campaign that has been used in order to help us create awareness for the BlocSquared platform. Several Bloc owners have been able to take advantage of the Bloc for Life offering. There is a finite amount of these available though, so please don’t hold your breath!

Additional Features:

Education Hub

Bite sized chunks of information to help you on your journey.

Mini Movies

Bloc owners are selected at random to receive a FREE video production / visual asset.

Global Impact

Every time you buy a Bloc something special happens in the world!

Stardust Webinar

Motivational stories from seasoned entrepreneurs.